Things that make you go mmmmmhh…

Last week as I hanged out with an old friend in a Mexico City bar, we ended up talking about Eddie Vedder, the former vocalist of that iconic band Pearl Jam. As it happens, the conversation turned from the grunge music to the fabulous film Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn and based on the book with the same name by Jon Krakauer. As you will imagine the link between the film, the book and Eddie Vedder is the music. He created, in my opinion, one of the best soundtracks of the last couple of years (some could argue the best is that of the Irish film Once but that is another story).

Into the Wild tells the story of Christopher McCandless and overall his search, in my opinion,¬†for the things that matter.¬†Throughout his journey the simplest things become essential: love, friendship and the ability to enjoy life as it comes. I wonder how many of us are able to say “I am truly happy” or “I am living the life I always wanted” or perhaps “I am sharing my life with the right person and I am pleased to say so”.

The book, the film and the soundtrack are an open invitation to think about the way we live our lives, questioning that supposed “happiness” that comes with money, success and social recognition. Things that make you go mmmmmhhhh….