Cinema Parenthesis

In the beginning I planned to only write about literature in this blog. However, allow me to make a parenthesis as I cannot recover from the experience of watching Alain Resnais’ 1959 film Hiroshima mon amour.

As you may know, this Nouvelle Vague  classic film tells the love story of a French woman and a Japanese man who are preparing to inevitably say good-bye after a brief but passionate relationship.

The core of the film is the conversation between these two characters refered as “him” and “her” and how they debate into the art of forgetting and remembering. I feel I can bring it to this blog because the script was written by the great Marguerite Duras. Each line of the dialogues are just mesmerizing and, to my opinion, makes the film memorable.

An absolute pleasure to experience such a splendid collaboration of fine literature and moving image. Priceless.