The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Classics Challenge #4

My first recollection of this extraordinary character is from this Japanese anime first launched in the 1980s. Looks familiar? This is how I came across Tom Sawyer and his adventures.

I was surprised how much the cartoon had an impact in my reading. Tom Sawyer, his bother Sid, Huck Finn, Becky Tatcher, Auntie Polly, Inuit Joe, pretty much everyone was pictured in my mind like in the cartoon.

Reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer became a trip down memory lane, back to my childhood in Mexico City. The fictional town of St Petersburg was the place we all wanted to live in, the Mississippi river was the closest thing to paradise for me and my friends growing up in the urban jungle.

It is books like this that make me nostalgic about childhood. Tom Sawyer’s adventures reminds us that it is possible to have enormous fun with little, that the world out there provides us with all the entertainment we can wish for. How refreshing it would be to run away to start a new life as pirates. Tom, even with his questionable behaviour, is in a constant search for freedom. As every boy his age, he is notorious at pushing boundaries, challenging authority and institutions. But isn’t this the very essence of our human nature? At the end, Tom learns from his mistakes and the overall beauty of this novel, in my opinion is being an essential guide to friendship.

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