What’s left inside a book…

As I am sure it happens to more than one, I have no more room for books. Yes, all the bookshelves are packed, books in front of others. Chaos. So, since I have way too much spare time, I decided to donate those we no longer need or want. It is always difficult to get rid of books since they represent a particular moment in our lives. But seeing how crowded our flat is I carried on with my task.

As I pulled the “unwanted” books from the shelves, I found a post card sent to me in 2002 from Sydney by one of my closest friends! (not even remembered she had been in Australia).

Another set of post cards came out, these ones from my university back in Mexico. Yes, the ones I searched for weeks and months.

Or how about that little piece of paper where you wrote THAT address and decided to use as bookmark? Waterstone’s receipts? Post its? Yup, that came out too. And finally, photographs! Now why on earth I decided to keep photos in books? 

So beware of what you keep inside those pages, don’t forget and if you do, in a few years I’m sure you’ll come up with these surprises just like me this cold winter afternoon.

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