The right book at the right time

Like many people, I enjoy buying books because I like owning them. I walk around bookshops and never come out empty-handed. It just feels good.  The problem is that when I get home I realize I have a queue of books to read and very often the latest acquisition is not the first one to be read. It can sit there in my bookshelves for weeks, maybe months… even years!

I believe reading the right book at the right time is crucial to make the most of it. The mood has to be right, the weather, the month of the year and sometimes it has to fit with what is going on in our lives.

It’s such a pleasure to reach the bookshelf looking for that specific book. And once you reach it, there it comes the amazing experience of reading it in a perfect moment and situation. And that removes the odd and bad feeling of buying books not be read immediately. It works! Try it.

Ps. Needless to explain my feelings about the i-pad and electronic books right?

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